I’m Haley, a Clinical Indigenous Herbalist & Energy healer who specializes in Menstrual Maladies, Digestive complaints & Autoimmunity.

In my work I have found that intuitive womb healing techniques combined with energy work, diet, herbs and lifestyle medicine can help heal trauma and emotional blocks. 

The womb space is a vessel for emotional energetic imprints that can stay buried in the subconscious creating energetic blocks in the womb space. You don’t have to have a physical womb for emotional memories, past relationships, & trauma to imprint in the womb space.

I believe the womb to be a space of deep wisdom & our creative power center. It's where we birth new life and new ideas into the world.

When energetic blocks form in the sacral chakra, we can feel stuck. Without the energy in our body flowing freely, we can lack clarity and our power is limited

Womb healing helps restore the womb back to it's innocent state. Womb healing can help dissolve energy cords of attachment such as past lovers, as well as support emotional healing from losses in the womb.

Each journey together is personal, unique and guided by the ancestors.

We will go as deep as you are ready to be met.

My service is a great supplement to any other treatments or protocols you are already doing to promote healing in your womb.

Believe it to not, your hormones are not the root cause of your
Menstrual maladies. As a Holistic Herbalist,
I can help you look at the whole picture!

The truth is, you're not alone.
Studies show that 90% of women
have imbalanced hormones.

I believe that's because the Cascade of hormones is a finely tuned
system that is sensitive to a whole bunch of things
(like Chronic stress, Lack of sleep, Toxins etc.)

Symptoms of hormone imbalance are usually the
symptoms that get our attention and tell us something is wrong.

The problem with going after hormone balance first on your own
is that you might get stuck chasing symptoms and not getting
to the root cause of why the imbalance is there to begin with.

This is why trying to achieve hormone balance on your own can feel so overwhelming, confusing and often times doesn't work.

After struggling on my own with this and resolving my own hormone imbalance I started to help people with wombs do the same.

That's why in our work together we will focus on Energy clearing, Ovarian health, Thyroid health & Adrenals so you can gently bring your body back into balance, naturally.

Foundations First, then Hormones

Your adrenals are responsible for things like your stress response, regulating your blood pressure and heart rate. Your adrenals also act as your body's emergency energy reserve when your blood sugar dips too low and you are not properly fueling your body (a.k.a. under-eating, imbalanced eating, fasting...).

When your adrenals are under stress, they begin producing cortisol and will communicate to your thyroid to slow down.

Your thyroid is responsible for your metabolic rate (how many calories you burn at rest), how quickly your digestion works, your core body temperature, as well as energy levels, and the health of your hair, skin, and nails.

Your thyroid senses when your adrenals are under stress.

In response, your thyroid is going to slow down as a way to conserve energy (this is a safety mechanism). This means your metabolic rate slows down (meaning you can survive on fewer calories), you will likely see things like weight gain or an inability to lose weight, you will begin to experience cold hands and feet, dry hair/skin/nails, and possibly digestive symptoms like bloating, gas, and constipation.

If you don't work on the foundations of the whole system, it will feel like you're throwing spaghetti at a wall hoping it will stick.

Much like trying different things to balance your hormones,
just hoping it will work.

- Consuming a nutrient dense whole foods diet

- Improving healing the Gut & addressing food triggers

- Optimizing detox pathways with herbs & simple household changes
to everyday beauty/cleaning products

- Balancing blood sugar through timing and macronutrients

-Promoting healthy mineral balance in the body & proper hydration from
the right water sources

- Balancing the consumption of fats

-Deeply nourishing the womb with Uterine tonics to strengthen,
relax, generally deeply restoring & supporting the structure, function, capacity & connection to the Womb

- Working with Hormone modulating herbs & foods

- Reducing stress, improving sleep, getting daily movement and Vitamin D

- Energetically connecting to the Womb, the moon, the seasons & cycles through

- Intuitive guided healing meditation, recorded for you during our session(s) to come back to at anytime

Is this you?

- You have physical manifestations in your womb such as gut microbiome imbalance, PCOS, fibroids or ovarian cysts

-Your menstrual cycle is out of balance or painful

- You suffer from intense cycles emotionally, physically or mentally & are looking to build your support team

- You're wanting a sacred space to prepare for
conception or birth of new creations or ideas

- You're wanting to integrate your healing journey so far and heal any losses in your life so far

-You are ready to dive deep on what it means to have womb wellness

You are so worthy of deep nourishment.
Your body is simply speaking
to you in
a language of symptoms.

But most of all...
Your experience holds profound medicine beyond any diagnosis.

I can help.

I believe that womb healing can allow
us to release on all levels of our being;
physically, emotionally, mentally & financially.

I believe that its more than just hormone balance
and that more people are feeling the call to
womb wellness due to our
collective disconnection from
the natural cycles, the seasons and
the earth.

If you're here then you have also heard
the call of your soul to return to
your sacred connection to mother earth
& the powerful wisdom with
your body that is waiting to be reclaimed.

I can help you listen to the language of
your body so that you can detoxify & tonify the womb,
clear stagnant energy & help you reconnect to the most
sacred part of you.


Sharing Inspiration
and Love

Katie Shuman Neurodiversity Coach
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I came to Haley for PCOS and skin issues. After a few months of taking her herbal remedies nearly every day, my skin is much more clear for longer than it's ever been before.. and while I still experience some breakouts from time to time, I find that they are healing more quickly than ever. I'm no longer experiencing the level of stress that I was feeling a few months ago, and am finding more freedom and peace in taking the pressure off of myself to do SO much. I've noticed that my cycles have gradually been getting less painful, and this past month, I experienced my first period in years with ZERO cramps.  Haley has been so professional and kind throughout all of our interactions, and I highly recommend their services to any highly sensitive and neurodivergent people who are looking to balance their hormones holistically. Thank you for all of your help Haley!!
JenMoney Coach
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I came to Haley during a time when I was trying to conceive. I was feeling very discouraged with conception after trying for almost a year with my husband. I actually talked to my husband about no longer trying. Haley reminded me of what's possible and to not give up hope. I was reminded of of what I tell others all the time, that I needed to believe in myself. I was able to get pregnant 3 months later, to surrender and truly enjoy the process. If not for her, I might have given up. Thank you so much for your support Haley!
Heather NelsonBeauty Consultant
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I met Haley through Instagram and as soon as I found her everything she said felt so aligned. When we met I wanted to work on growing my business and I felt like I wasn't moving very fast for as hard as I was working. When she brought me through my first healing session I felt so much peace and clarity. She helped me deepen my connection to my guides and I was finally able to let go and allow myself to receive. Since working together I felt a huge block In my money resolve. I was able to increase my income and even started building a dream team.. I can't say enough about her vibe, method and love that she shares. I can't recommend her enough!
Stina FayeBeauty & Wellness Brand Coach
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Haley has such a powerful way of translating plant wisdom into human connections. Having access to her membership has helped me expand my understanding of the herbal world, which I've been able to infuse into my personal rituals with the plants as well. Her lessons are clear, digestible and have supported me in becoming more confident about how I work with herbs. I feel grateful to be connected to someone who takes such a holistic, thoughtful approach to herbalism!


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