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California poppy Tincture ~ Sleep Aid ~ 1 oz Tincture


Finally get the restful sleep you deserve. Can be used for deep daytime stress support or nighttime for sleeplessness.

California Poppy flowers, and above ground parts, 80 proof vodka

California Poppy flowers:: California poppy is a happy and calming kin. They are a sedative, hypnotic, and analgesic who help calm the nervous system due to overexcitement and sleeplessness, and also as an antispasmodic when there is muscular tension.

They remind us to come back to our hearts and back to all of creation. They are a medicine of the Sun bringing light back into our hearts and dreams.

They help us to hold the polarity of both our inner and outer lives, bringing us back to a state of receptivity. Often those who need their ally ship, are learning to hold life experiences even when unpleasant: pain, anxiety or uncertainty. They help us embrace both the Light and the shadow that the light emanates from behind it. They aid us in being with oneself despite addiction, pain, discomfort or anxiety. They are a deeply loving kin helping us to learn how to find the light within.

Restful Sleep & Mood Support

Lovingly Harvested & Locally PNW Wildcrafted


15-45 drops 1-3x a day.

For sleep aid:

Small doses every two hours

California Poppy flowers, and above ground parts, 80 proof Vodka.


Benzylisoquinoline alkaloids

(BIAs), such as sanguinarine,

macarpine and chelerythrine.

Safety Considerations: Do not use if you are pregnant.

Sleep aid: Consult a health care practitioner if sleeplessness persists for more than 3 weeks.

Light sedative, antispasmodic

and analgesic.

Insomnia of children or adults

Relieves the physical and psychic

disorders of nervous children


Heat up to burn off alcohol for children

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Finally get the restful sleep you deserve. Can be used for deep daytime stress support or nighttime for sleeplessness.


I started taking California poppy after the loss of my grandfather. I have been pretty emotionally dis-regulated and feeling shut off from my emotions. Wanting to sit with those feelings but deeply afraid of what might come up and how much it would hurt. I have been living disconnected from my heart center and living in a space of avoidance. I used this remedy and my symptoms improved almost immediately and the heaviness passed within a few hours. I am feeling so deeply blessed for the gift of this beautiful Plant guide. I feel more aligned and at peace. This has been such a powerful transmutation of energy, without experiencing it I would have never thought this remedy would be so potent. Thank you for sharing your gift of healing with others Haley! -Emily Campbell


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