It's your birthright to be supported
on your Healing path

It's always been clear to those of us who study the Art of Herbalism that herbs are our ancestors and kin guiding us home. Plants choose the person they wish to connect with. I am merely the person connecting you to the deep and profound medicine they have to offer.

I believe you are your own greatest healer.

facilitate healing with you on your journey so that you feel...


Meet the
Holistic Herbalist

Hi there! I'm Haley & I'm a certified Vitalist Clinical Herbalist, Holistic Nutrition 4R's Microbiome Diet Educator, Fertility Awareness Method Educator & Founder of the Becoming Sovereign Herbal shop. It's my purpose to help you on your healing path. 

My specific areas of focus are on autoimmune conditions, menstrual cycle maladies and digestive system complaints.

In my twenties, I struggled with chronic illness and autoimmune disease. This became a gateway for an incredible healing journey. I started to reconnect to my child like self and my inner knowing. I started to trust more deeply in myself and what I came here to do. I started to reclaim the pieces of myself I had lost along the way. Herbalist, Writer, Teacher, Alchemist, Medicine Maker, Seeker, Clairvoyant, Dreamweaver & Spiritual Leader.

I am a person of Celtic, Dutch + Muscogee {Creek} Nation Indigenous ancestry. I live and work on the land of the Cowlitz, Chinook & Multnomah people. As I connected with my own personal truth through the valleys of the great Pacific Northwest, I started to heal. I felt vibrant, passionate and full of energy. I started to live on purpose. I was healthy. I knew that if it was possible for me, than it would be possible for you too.

At the core, I have always been fascinated by community, food and Plants as a gateway to reclaiming your individual path, unique medicine & nature.

That's why I created the Holistic Herbalist & the Herbal Alchemy Hub. I wanted to honor and express my deepest love for all beings as we each co-create a world of wellbeing, peace, love & joy.

Does this sound like you?

You are a highly sensitive soul
who wants to connect
more deeply to your own
medicine & magic.

You want someone who is going to
work along side you to
get the results you're looking for.

You dream of connecting to your inner
truth and setting boundaries that
express your authentic self.

You dream of having the confidence to trust
your intuition more deeply.

You know there is more to life than
struggling with chronic symptoms.

You want to focus on a gentle, holistic and
intuitive approach
to your healing and want to create
herbal rituals to help revitalize your life.

You're tired of feeling just 'OK' and you're
ready to claim the vibrant vitality you deserve.

You want to honor your body and learn more
about how to deeply nourish yourself
(with a little accountability too!)

You're a little witchy and you love the language
of nature; the plants & cosmos.

You believe in the power of herbs & want to work
with your unique nature to be well.

If you said yes to any of the above
let's walk this path, hand in hand, together.

You deserve to give this to yourself,
as you already give so much

What's inside...

$333 USD

Radical Self Care Package

This package is best suited for the individual who wants to create a nourishing self-care practice that supports their overall health and wellness.


+90 Minute Zoom energy healing session to
connect with your guides and discuss personal goals in our work together

+ 5 plant allies from the Herbal Shop (tinctures, elixirs, body oils, teas, bath salts, plant wands etc)
*Have a preference? Let me know!*

+Personalized guided video to your inbox
to help you work with the medicines in a revitalizing way

+Email Support + Accountability

Commonly asked FAQ

I typically work with folks who are assigned female at birth and non-cis men with things like menstrual cycle issues, digestive complaints, chronic illness, pre-conception & pregnancy, and autoimmune disease. That being said, I do have clinical training in Traditional Vitalist Western Herbalism and am trained to support all bodies. If we are a good fit I am happy to support you and will affirm your gender identity, as well as preferred name.

In this sacred space your magic is welcome here. I do not discriminate on the basis of color, race, religion, gender, gender expression, age, ancestry, disability, marital status or sexual orientation and do not tolerate discrimination in the spaces I occupy. 

We will meet over zoom, a free video calling platform that is user friendly to a computer or mobile device. 

Absolutely! Payments may be made in full or split into 2-3 payments depending on your financial situation. However,  a deposit will be required at the start of our work together and the final payment must be made by the last day of your package.  

I also offer the Herbal Alchemy Membership which is a more affordable price at $44 per month. 

Yes! I want to make my work as accessible as possible. For my packaged offerings only, I will offer two low-cost, sliding scale packages at 50% of the regular price for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, organizers/activists and folks who hold marginalized identities. Sliding scale runs on an honor system and I open up sliding scale at least two times per year- these will become available again in Spring of 2021.

Absolutely! Since all herbs & supplements are purchased through recommendation, I will work with you to find options near you to purchase what you need. Plus, all consults are held virtually over zoom, no travel required!

As a Health Facilitator I understand that it’s not my job to heal you, but instead give you the resources and tools to heal yourself. I believe that we all have the power to heal and that we are more powerful when we work together listening to your body. Your unique wisdom, magic & wholeness is honored and here, with gratitude. 

All I ask when working together is a promise that you will show up as your best and commit wholeheartedly in our work together. My promise to you is that I will do everything in my power to serve you and do my part to get your the health results you deserve. If I cannot,  I will refer you to someone who can. I only take clients who are 100% committed and reciprocal in energy. That being said, please feel free to email me directly with any questions you might have at